Why and How Outsourcing Your IT Could Save You a Fortune in Costs and Time!

You may have been misled to believe that keeping your IT support department in-house is more efficient than outsourcing.

It is a difficult task and a hypothetical minefield, littered with technical jargon to weigh out the pro's and con's in order to decide which is ultimately the right choice for you.

In this post we will reveal the hidden truths behind why keeping your out-dated in-house IT Department could be costing you a small fortune in money and wasted valuable resources.

What follows below is a summary of the reasons you explore the possibility of outsourcing your IT needs to a business more equipped with helping you to make the right decisions at the right time, supporting you to reach greater and greater heights.

1. Reduce your costs

Depending on what you need, the average annual salary of a single IT manager can range anywhere between £30k to £60k per annum. Not forgetting the costs of recruitment as well as on-going training to ensure their skills are constantly refreshed. In addition to this, depending on the size of your Organisation you may well have technical staff employed under your IT Manager to deal with support requests and on-site issues. This cost can exponentially increase as you grow!

When you make the decision to outsource your IT support, you shift this burden to an experienced Managed Services Partner who will have a full team of fully trained professionals assigned to you for a fraction of the cost.

2. Lack of internal expertise

Technology continues to change the way we work. In common cases this amounts to upgrades in capabilites of systems and complexity. With the introduction of smarter software and better, more reliable infrastructure there will be less and less hands on tasks for a dedicated IT Manager to fill their time with.

In most cases, you simply can't justify the cost of a full-time employee to hang around waiting for a critical failure. With an outsourced IT department, you can call a dedicated IT technician as much or as little as you like.

Remember - Depending on the Managed Services Provider you engage with, you are only paying for the Services that you actually need. If you go for a Fully Managed Services they will take on all aspects of your IT such as budgeting, decision making, informing and implementation.

3. Recruiting can be Painful!

Recruitment is difficult, time-consuming and incredibly expensive; especially if you're not IT savvy. Should you decide to recruit your own in-house IT person, there are multiple factors to consider.

  • Do they have the relevant skill level?

  • What is their level of experience and is it relevant to what you need?

  • How do you know what that experience needs to be?

  • Can one person support all facets of your business all the time?

  • Will they fit into your team?

Simply put, how do you ensure definitively that you are recruiting the right person with the right skill-set and experience for your business?

With outsourced IT support, you will find yourself with a team of professionals who are ALWAYS on call, equipped with broad reaching experience, the latest qualifications and up-to-date technical knowledge.

4. Time to Focus

Your time is precious and is an exhaustible commodity. It shouldn't be spent focusing on topics of minor importance, such as "who will watch your network out of hours?" You should be spending your time on your goals, your employees, your day-to-day costs and most importantly meeting your customer needs.

Many businesses have taken the leap of faith and chosen to outsource their IT support purely for the peace of mind. Knowing they are able to focus on running and growing their businesses rather than managing technology and keeping up with advances.

5. Increased Productivity

You may truly believe that you are saving yourself money by keeping the responsibility of managing your technology and equipment in-house. However, by doing this, it is extremely likely that your employees are unable to focus on their primary roles and are constantly distracted by IT issues -- this will drastically reduce their productivity.

Add into the pot that should you only have one or two technically able people in your employ, they may end up with a backhaul of issues that, as you wait to have them remedied, render other employees unable to perform their role.

An outsourced IT support help desk will guarantee a have a technician on hand who will fix your problems, regardless of the size and nature. This will speed up time taken to solve issues whilst also reducing downtime within your business' network.

6. Adopting the latest technologies

Due to the ever changing state of the world, many will be aware of the fact that the IT landscape is a rapidly changing environment that ebbs and flows with the needs of society and economies. Due to this, technology transforms at an alarming rate and there is always a mixture of fear and doubt that if you are not using the latest products or optimising software updates as often as you should be, you may find this having an adverse impact on the efficiency and sustainability of your business. A common change at this time is migration of internal systems to a Cloud based system. This is something most organisations will only do once, but something an outsourced IT provided will have experienced many times. This means your business will benefit from the knowledge gained from previous deployments.

Outsourced Managed IT Service providers are always working with the latest technology to make sure they are one step ahead at all times. They will have a range of partnerships and accreditations with industry leading technology providers such as Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo and Ubiquiti. Depending on their areas of expertise they may also have different partners within other sectors such as Telecomms, Connectivity and Communications etc. This is what they do to gain advanced intelligence and training that will help excel your business to the next stage.

The next steps...

Forget about the worries and pitfalls of IT. Leave it to the professionals who make it their business to carry that burden. Avoid extended and expensive downtime, loss of revenue and reduced productivity by bringing in someone capable of extending your monitoring capabilities.

Proactively drive uptime and give your vital IT operations the flexible support they require, all at a fraction of the cost!