Why Your Business Should Make The Switch To VoIP

In this segment we will take a look at telecommunications, and see how your business could benefit from making the switch to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Whilst businesses are upgrading their systems and migrating into the cloud, many are also discovering that moving their telecommunications into it too can be extremely beneficial. Reduced operating costs and expenses, along with improved business continuity and flexibility are just a few of the many benefits your business could benefit from by moving away from a Traditional phone system.

We have put together a few simple reasons as to why your company should switch to VoIP today.

1. Cost to your business

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system significantly reduces teleppony costs to your business. By moving away from phone infrastructures that are expensive to maintain and adapt as your business grows you can save on capital expense and monthly fees. In addition, the actual operating costs for a VoIP system are significantly lower than traditional phone companies. By moving your telephony to the cloud you shift the service and IT support to your VoIP provider, which coincidently reduces the amount of your own in-house resources required to keep critical communications going.

2. Ease of Use

Once set up correctly, a VoIP telephony solution hosted in the cloud is much more flexible in terms of changing how your calls are directed. After porting your Numbers, IVR’s, Hunt Groups and DDI’s into a VoIP solution you will be able to see at a glance how your system is configured. If this is something that you think may exceed current technical capabilities, a Managed Service Provider can do this for you saving your precious rescources time and stress.

3. All-In-One

VoIP excells at bringing all your communications together. Both your employees and clients can keep in contact with each other and you through a single business number. With the benefits of using a VoIP platform you can send and receive calls from a multitude of difference devices. Do you prefer using a workstation microphone, or headphones? Not a problem. With our app, even mobile phones can support your business numbers allowing for a more pleasant working solution for remote workers. A useful benefit to VoIP is being able to enable your incoming calls to ring across multiple devices simultaneously. This gives you the power to ensure no calls are missed, no matter where you are.

4. Mobility

With a VoIP system, you are not shackled to your desk phone. You will be able to make and receive calls anywhere you have a signal. VoIP allows you to decide where and on what device you want your calls to take place whether phone, laptop, tablet, or hybrid. VoIP makes working on the go and away from the office easy and less expensive than your older telephone systems.

5. Business Continuity

With cloud telecommunications, you bring a new level of disaster recovery and redundancy to your business. By moving your phone system into the cloud, you empower your organisation to be able to resist any issues that may happen to a local device. Power cut and your desk phone is dead? No problem, take the call on your mobile! Your Mobiles battery has died? No worries, take the call on your laptop! By moving away from a fixed landline, your business can weather the storm. Wherever you can find a signal you will have connection to your telephone system. By providing this level of flexibility and adaptability to your business, you ensure business continuity and avoid potential downtime.

Make the switch to VoIP

We love to make people think. However, if making the decision to switch seems like a daunting challenge, never fear! Many Managed Service Providers can give advice on options and many will complete the entire set up for you. Companies such as The Milk Men will assess how best to implement your new system as easily as possible. We will also assess your connectivity to ensure that the solution you choose is as future-proofed as possible.

To learn more about VoIP systems or if more questions have been raised than answered in your opinion, contact us here to see how we might help you. Alternatively, contact Charles at Charles@themilkmen.co.uk or call us on 02089125690