3 easy ways to increase laptop security away from the office

Physical security

Without getting into the techno-babble of programs and security software, there are some really simple ways of protecting your equipment from outside the machine.

Always be sure that your rucksack, briefcase or laptop bag is on your person. Alternatively, if you can’t do this, make sure that the zipper is securely locked with a padlock. If you are travelling and have long waits, most airports and train stations have seats or tables secured to the floor which can be easily fastened to with a cable or carry strap.

Invest in a Kensington lock, or ask your company to provide one if you are cheeky enough! If you’re taking the security of their property seriously, they will listen. These are relatively inexpensive and are a secure way of locking your laptop and fixing it to one spot when in a public space. Make sure you use this EVERY time you are using your laptop in any public area.

Location retrieval software

It is extremely advisable to use location software apps on your technology. This isn’t the preinstalled security software that may have come with your laptop, such as McAfee or Norton Antivirus, but things like Lojack for Laptops on Windows, or Find My Mac on Apple devices.

Applications like these can save a lot of time and money, should your initial protection fail to work or has been forgotten. They are able to lock your computer down if it is believed to be stolen, making it harder for thieves to access your data. They are also able to show a location of the device to give to the police.

Back-up/disaster recovery

If your device does go missing or is stolen from you, this usually puts any work on delay, or loses important documentation that is needed. This can cause heavy strain for any business or employee; inconveniencing and waylaying any timescales or projects. It is advisable to have a system in place where you can restore your most important information and files immediately should you need to.

A backup gives you peace of mind that should anything go drastically wrong, you can pick up where you left off from with minimal inconvenience until the equipment is procured or retrieved by authorities. Options to do this vary from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox accounts to fully reliable virtualised laptops that you can just log back into as if you were on your original laptop again.